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"Thanks for the prompt payment by cheque that arrived this week and thank you for your great efforts in selling every single lot."
   L. Osborne

"My sincerest thanks to you and Christine for all your efforts. And congratulations on yet another successful auction."
   Lisa P.

"Ian, thank you for the great miniature sheets used on my auction package and carefully postmarked plus your speedy delivery service, much appreciated."
   S Cadigan

"Ian, you have been working hard on these unsold lots. Thank you for your outstanding and help."
   J. Zmak

"Brilliant only one unsold lot is pretty marvellous. Well done and beyond my expectations."
   R. Neville

"Thank you again for all your efforts in selling my Office of Titles collection. Well done. I'm sure that we will do business again in the near future."
   P Kay

"Many thanks, all my successful lots now safely received. Thanks for your usual great service and looking forward to doing lots more business with you in future."
   M Rigby

"Thanks very much for delivering my winnings from the auction Ian. I have enjoyed going through them. I also appreciate the work you do to run a WA auction. Philately in WA is very fortunate to have ACE."
   R. Storer

"Recently I bought some items from the No.33 stamp auction. Safely and promptly received the goods. Very impressed with you professional dealings - thank you."
   R Honschooten

"Huge congratulations on the sale - it seemed to be a huge success looking at the sold items! Thanks for all your help with the scans and watermark checking too - it helped immeasurably!"
   J Austen

"Thank you for all your efforts over the last 2 years selling my late husbands material through Ace Stamp Auctions. Your lotting and attention to detail definitely netted the family far more money than the Eastern States Auction houses suggested. My sincere thanks for all your assistance, honesty and good humour throughout the process. "
   B Ng

"I received my deposit for my sold lots - 100% excellent outcome from you and your teams hard work. I also received my successful lots in excellent order with your usual attention to preparing the items with the postage all carefully postmarked which is greatly appreciated. Thanks again Ian for a great feeling at the auction, you put on an excellent event!"
   L Bremen

"Thank you very much for managing the auction of my father's stamp collection. I appreciate all the effort you put in and the excellent results you achieved."
   R Reynolds

"So often successful with my bids and well short of my top bids that I have submitted in advance. An honest business with an honourable man at the helm! You are without doubt, the top man in philatelic auctions!"
   W. Brown

"What a publication the latest Ace Stamp Auction catalogue is and the populous of stamp fanatics owe you something! Honestly when I'm selling the "real" stuff it'll go though you, you have earnt my trust. THANKS IAN FOR THE INTEGRITY."
   A. Jago

"I have been very comfortable with my decision to leave my 80 year old collection to you & Ace Stamp Auctions to pass on to new custodians, thank you again."
   D. Carpenter

"Hi Ian, I am extremely grateful for the extra effort you are putting in for me. The stamps used on the parcel with my lots were beautifully cancelled for fine used and sealed in plastic - brilliant. Thank you so much."
   M Dodd

"Ian, thank you so very much for the prompt payment of proceeds from your recent auction. I must say this is the best service in this regard I have ever seen. Previously my sold consignments through several international auction houses, names I am sure pretty well sure everyone would know, the payment took months and months. The gold Adelaide type II pound which I had offered to a couple of the above mentioned houses was unceremoniously rejected by both as of no collector interest. It lay in my drawer unloved until I discovered you sold coins at your auctions so what was I to lose? It realised a lot more than I paid for it. I shall be recommending your auction house from now on. Ace certainly came to my rescue!"
   M. Cobcroft

"I am impressed with the way my successful auction items were wrapped and dispatched to ensure no transit damage. Obviously you and your team have plenty of happy customers."
   P. Holmes

"Since your starting Ace Stamp Auctions in 2008 and my first bids with you in Sale number 1, your energy for the hobby plus your friendship have made my collecting days very enjoyable. Wishing you well and congratulations on your upcoming Auction number 30."
   L. Bremen, Fremantle

"I took delivery of the second parcel of auction lots a couple of days ago Ian. I just wanted to thank you for the trouble you and your staff took over the fine used miniature sheets used to pay the postage, these were an added bonus! I'm sure it's no fun packaging up large parcels, so I really appreciate the extra effort."
   S. Schneider

"This was my first visit to one of your auctions and was very impressed ( I even won 2 of the four lots that I wanted). Well done to your staff who were very friendly, helpful and efficient."
   P. Huband

"Absolute pleasure chatting to you earlier. And to both of you, a big congratulations on a successful and well-run auction. Your service is second to none, and I am so appreciative of your one on one help with setting me up."
   L. Paganini

"I was very pleased to be once more attending one of your excellent days, an auction of 3000 lots!! A great effort, well done."
   P. Goodall

"Hope you and Christine are recuperating well after the auction, with all the delays following your month in ICU and then the Covid-19 restrictions, it was a great success and a testimony to you both in determination and perseverance.
   L. Bremen

"I always lot forward to your auctions, the most out of all of them. Thank you."
   P. Burton

"Many thanks for your ongoing help and professionalism - much appreciated."
   P. Goodall

"Thank you for returning the unsold stamps and again thank you for your courtesy and professionalism with my collection over the past months."
   J. Greenham

"The Platinum post delivered my stamp auction lots the next day, and I finally had a chance to admire the contents this weekend. I appreciate your very fair negotiations with the respective vendors on these. I look forward to seeing you at the next show."
   B. Hanich

"Sincere thanks Ian, I received lot 611 in good order the other day and am very happy with it. Special thanks also for the thorough and very efficient packaging of the lot. I look forward to further ACE auctions in the foreseeable future."
   A. Foldes

"Nice work thanks so much for the rapid 2 week payment after auction and a total sell out!!!!! You're the hardest working man in the business Ian."
   T. Van Merwyk

"Ian, thank you for the prompt payment and I am pleased the auction went so well. I also had a friend enquire about your services so I was happy to pass on your details. Thank you again for your time and care of my mother's collection."
   S. Mason

"It was my first try at bidding at a stamp auction and whilst I did not win any lots it was a fun experience. Barbara was particularly helpful on the day and the other staff were friendly and approachable. Particularly impressed I would have had my lots delivered to my home if I gained any. Will try again at your next auction."
   J. Tang

"As always you are amazingly professional. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. The prompt payment is especially appreciated. Thank you."
   L. Blackie

"And thanks to you both for handling the process with attention and care - it's been a pleasure. If anyone should ask me in the future, 'where to go for superior service and great results', I hope you're ok if I pass on your details."
   R. Muller

"Thanks for prompt cheque. Sale rate of 85% and realisations of 120% over the estimate were excellent."
   R. Linke

"The boxes arrived today in excellent condition. The lots exceeded my expectations."
   G. Smith (USA)

"Stamps arrived in a great cover with lovely stamps attached, thank you Ian. Looking forward to your next auction, The lots were here before I could send your money, not many dealers do that now days so I thank you for your trust. Highest regards"
   R. Malham

"Arrived home yesterday to this nice surprise! Thanks again for a great auction, offering a broad range of interesting material."
   D. Underwood

"Congratulations on a good auction. You were getting some good realisations and very high sale rate when I was there. I think the good describing and set out of the lots helped and it was a good effort from your whole team."
   B. Austin

"Thank you for the stamps which I have received today. I am very happy with my purchases. It was a pleasure doing business with you as always & I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you."
   M. Rigby

"Thanks for the lots which arrived on Friday. I am very happy with them all. Also you were a great help with the telephone bidding again - thanks so much."
   J. Johnson

"I must send a big extra THANK YOU to the person responsible for choosing and carefully affixing and covering the excellent postage on the parcel. All received undamaged and you should know that is very much appreciated. Many thanks again for an excellent service."
   J. Higgs

"I have been self-employed, on my own, for 45 years and understand that it is very different from being part of an 'organisation'. I have a lot of respect for those in philately who battle on alone as dealers and auction house proprietors, in the face of huge commercial and logistical challenges. Working at times 16 hours a day, week after week, for a catalogue deadline is draining and there is no-one around who truly understands. In summary, congratulations for what you are doing."
   B. Peace

"I am very pleased with all the items. Thank you very much for your careful attention and for the bundle of carefully postmarked miniature sheets used for postage."
   D. O'Neill

"Thank you for the cheque. I did much better than I thought I would. Must be your wonderful auction and your staff. Thanks again."
   F. Gericevich

"Many thanks for your excellent service in selling my material."
   D. Brookson

"Thanks for your auctions and flexibility in payments. They allow lesser cashed persons to put together reasonable collections and at the same time they bring some exceptional items to all."
   L. Bremen

"Hi Ian, congratulations on your last auction. Good content and the auctioneer kept things moving, but the real treasures were in the box lots. I got one and WOW, exciting stuff. Keep up the good work and thank the staff."
   T. Spencer

"I have been using Ian Boulton for over 3 years to sell stamps and coins by auction. His professionalism, knowledge, honesty and attention to detail is second to none. He is truly outstanding. The research Ian undertakes when preparing and valuing items for sale is meticulous, thorough and accurate. And he is a really nice guy as well! Such a pleasure to deal with. He is constantly in touch to explain what is happening with your items. Nothing is too much trouble for Ian. He held onto some valuable gold coins for me for almost 2 years as the market was not right to sell. And, true to form, when the market did pick up Ian sold the coins and achieved a very good price. I would not have entrusted the coins in any other dealers hands apart from Ian Boulton's. In my opinion, Ian Boulton is the most exceptional, trustworthy and reliable stamp (and coin) dealer in Perth. I would highly recommend him to others (and I do!)."
   W. Appleyard

"Hi Ian, stamps arrived today in good order plus nice packaging, much appreciated. It's always difficult with a postal bid as it's largely guesswork but I'm very pleased with my purchases."
   P. Huband

"Hello Ian, I would like to pass on my thanks for the quick posting of the lot (Lot 700) that I purchased in your recent auction. It was pleasing to receive it so quickly."
   G. Laidler

"Another wonderful offering in your latest stamp auction No. 15. Expanding horizons for the auction bidder. I note street signs along with other metal objects (coins and tins). I will shortly have available the ultimate to round off any future auction - a stainless steel kitchen sink! Then it "will" have everything. Well done."
   R. Hammersley

"Hi Ian, I received the envelope with the two auction lots today. I want to thank you for covering the envelope with plastic and protecting the stamps on it. I appreciate the care and am looking forward to your next auction already!"
   J. Monteiro

"Thanks for your good service and I will be buying through your auction house again. I was particularly impressed with the speed of stamps being sent and email replies - very professional!!"
   M. Rigby

"I write to thank you for sending the order. I was very impressed with the care taken in both the presentation of the items and the effort to ensure that there was no damage to the package while in the mail."
   P. Holmes

"Thank you very much for the good items received today from Sale 15. It was a pleasure to deal with you again. You deserve recognition for the help and attention you have given me. Thank you."
   J. Johnstone

"Thank you for a most enjoyable auction. The organisation was superb and the way you and Christine conduct yourselves under such demands of us collectors is exemplary. Well done & I am now off to enjoy my purchases."
   M. Henderson

"Thanks for the cheque Ian. I was very pleased with the result. A pleasure doing business with you."
   R. Hickman

"Pleasantly surprised by the size of the cheque for which I must thank you very much."
   R. Dickinson

"Thanks for your customary excellent service. Good to hear your sale was such a success, obviously reflective of your hard work."
   R. Juzwin

"Just wanted to say a special thanks for the stamps on the parcel including the new $10 kangaroo issue."
   P. Simpfendorfer

"I was pleased to win lot 388 well below my top bid - it is good to deal with an auction house with integrity."
   P. Gooding

"Ian. I didn't get a chance to thank you properly yesterday. So thank you for sorting out the mess up with the bids on lots 1603/04, you could have kept quiet and I would have been none the wiser and $130 worse off! Thanks heaps, I really appreciate it."
   T. Hendon

"Your service and honesty has given us renewed confidence that there are still people around who are fair when dealing with others. Thank you for doing your utmost to help at the cost of yourself. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone."
   W. Bijl

"Congratulations on a great auction and especially selling all my offerings. And at such a great profit. Who would have thought that a simple postcard offered for $30 would go on to sell for $210 !! Cheers and thanks again for your interest and support."
   R. Dickinson

"Ian, I had a really enjoyable time at your auction yesterday. You have a professional and friendly team to help get through the non-bidding times. And what a good bunch of lots for everyone."
   T. van Merwyk

"Good luck with the sale. I am enjoying your success. It is amazing what intelligence, friendliness and hard work can achieve. Well done."
   T. Shields

"Congratulations on a very efficient user friendly set up overall. I like the communication, in particular the opening bids and ability to purchase unsold lots, this service is not available elsewhere."
   C. Turner

"I attended the first part of the auction and really enjoyed it. As it was my first auction I was a bit slow on a couple of items but I made up for it and I am very happy with my purchases."
   K. Kealley

"Hi Ian. Just a short note to thank you for your assistance in selling my collection at your March auction. Your expertise and professional approach was much appreciated. Thanks again."
   TP Gilmore

"The stamps arrived at my door this morning, I can't tell you how excited I was signing for the envelope, I felt like a young child on Christmas morning! I am very happy with the stamps indeed, they are in great condition and I'm really glad I decided to bid on them. My thanks for your help once again and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future."
   C. Wright

"Hi Ian, Just a quick note to say your well packed box arrived today safe & sound. Very happy with my purchases and look forward to doing more business with you when you have your next auction."
   A. Lee

"Thanks for the sale proceeds, excellent as far as I am concerned."
   B. Pope

"The stamps arrived safely yesterday. That 3 Mark Yacht is a beauty. I've bought it as a gift for my dad - he's been collecting PNG for years, but nothing in that price range. Very happy with the rest as well. Thank you for yet another great buying experience."
   P. Chester

"Thank you very much for the quick cheque, and for returning the postcards. I appreciate very much the help you've given me in selling the stamps and the coins."
   M. Baird

"Thank you for your professional handling of our consignment."
   P. Maslen

"I am very pleased with the results. Thanks for selling almost every lot. Payments are very quick too. Thank you."
   K W Sum

"I congratulate you on the professionalism of your organization and the effective way that the Auction was run. It was my first, but certainly will not be my last. I am preparing lots for your next auction."
   G. Foote

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the way you handled my stamp consignment. I was impressed with the honesty, efficiency and promptness of every facet of the sale. Thank you very much."
   K.E. Riches

"Many thanks for a great auction, well done sir, congratulations to all who helped make it a good day, especially the 3 ladies at the front tables. Looking forward to seeing you all in November for the next one."
   D. Thompson

"I like the way you and your team handler auctions, great standards, quick and spot on. Very refreshing!"
   J. Hurtado

"The material in your auctions is really amazing and I am looking forward to the next one."
   K.W. Kealley